This year long program includes advanced game creation training,  personal consultations, in-depth reviews of your games, guaranteed views from 
top tier publishers and more...


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Personalized Training, Coaching and Connections to Publish Your Game

Publisher Elite is our most personal, hands-on, program we have ever created.  Because of this, we only accept new members via our application process.  Click below to learn more details now:

Week 1 - The Foundation

Make your personal preparations and learn about the process creation for a successful game business.

Week 2 - Intelligence Training

In-depth teachings of publisher diagnostics, research and tailor-made recommendations on your game.

Week 3 - Building Your Game

Learn and build the idea, graphic design, game design and level design in your game.

Week 6 - Growth Tactics

Find out how to become multi-published and turn game creation into a real business.
First you'll learn how you can pitch publihsers in the future, then we'll discuss in detail how we will do it for you.

Week 5 - The Charge

Week 4 - Countermeasures

Learn to create attraction for developers, how to polish, monetize your game and more.

Included with Publisher Elite X is 6 weeks of in-depth training personally taught by Buildbox founder, and game business owner, Trey Smith.  Trey has over 65 million downloads of his game and during these sessions he will be working with you directly to help finalize your game idea, get your game made and prepare it for publishers.  

Not only will Trey be teaching you 6 weeks of training sessions that are broken down into 40 videos, but he'll also be talking with you personally about your game.  When you are finished with the training, you'll submit your idea to him to get custom feedback on what you should, and shouldn't, be focusing on. You'll also enjoy a full year of top tier premium support.

Master Class Training

Quarterly Trend Meetings

For the full year we'll have Quarterly Trend Report meetings every 3 months.  These meetings will not only discuss the current and upcoming trends in the marketplace, but also the direction that Trey will be going in his personal game business.

We're constantly talking with publishers, and you'll also learn what they are seeing on the horizon as well.  

Personal Access & Support

Publisher Pitches

Once a quarter when your game is ready, Trey will personally pitch it to one of the following publishers for you.  Since you'll be working hand in hand with Trey and team during this process, you will already know which publisher your game should be pitched to, and which publisher has the best shot of picking up your game.

We're working very closely with the publihsers to find out the types of games they want, what their schedule is like and what best suites their current needs.  They are expecting pitches from us and we will have guaranteed views of the games submitted.  They know that we will be acting as a filter and only send games that we think they will like, and we'll be working with you create something great.

Expert Game Reviews

Trey and Nik Rudenko (CTO at Buildbox and creator of many hit games in the app store like Endless Sky), will review games submitted to them from the Publisher Elite X members.  They will provide detailed feedback, examples on how to improve or specific features to implement so it can be "publisher worthy".

Industry Q&A Sessions

You'll also get access to 6 of our never-before-released Industry Q&A sessions.  Over 7 hours of audio sessions where Trey grills founders from Fortafy Games, Nanovation, Appsolute Games, Color Switch and more.  You'll learn how they build games, what types of games they want to sign and more.

Everything You Need To Crush It

The App Industry has matured and this new publishing model is here to stay.  Ready to join?  Apply now and get started:

In short, Publisher Elite is a personalized service where Buildbox founder, Trey Smith, will be working with you for one year to create, finalize, polish and publish your game.  After we help you create a finalized product that meets the highest standards, Trey will personally pitch your game to a publisher.

To effectively hit this goal, we've broken down Publisher Elite into 7 core sections:

Publisher Elite is our customer answer to this problem.  Not only will we help you build the right game, we'll also help you finalize, polish and even pitch it to a publisher.  

It's a year long program that takes you through every step of the process these successful game owners are doing.

What is Publisher Elite?



Game Review

Publisher Intros

Trend Events

Q&A Recordings

Premium Support